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My name is Michael Santos. As part of my work to improve the outcomes of our nation’s criminal justice system, I have spoken with many federal judges. Two of those judges agreed to participate in a video interview. I asked them about steps a person could take to prepare in advance of sentencing. Listen and learn from what they said in the videos below:

If you’re facing a sentencing hearing, we can help. Although we have a team of sentence-mitigation experts for people that want one-on-one consultations, we also offer digital courses for those who are prepared to do the work. Start by watching the videos on this page so that you’ll have an idea of why we can help you restore confidence as you start preparing for sentencing.

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I came into the system and without an understanding of what to expect.


I saw the challenges and the pathway that I could take to begin preparing for success.


I put priorities in place to gradually conquer imprisonment to emerge successfully.

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How to Prepare for Sentencing

Whether authorities have charged you with a driving offense, a white-collar crime, a drug offense—or any charge that could lead to the loss of your liberty—the time is now to prepare for sentencing.

You may know the statistics:

Whether federal or state authorities bring criminal charges, conviction rates are high, and sentencing hearings follow.

When authorities bring charges, a defendant should invest time and energy to understand how the criminal justice system operates. Defense attorneys will do their part, but if a person becomes a defendant in a criminal case, that person should start working on his own.

Get started with Sentencing Preparation Course now.

You can expect the following:

  • Get a broad understanding of all the stakeholders in the system so that you can work to influence the best possible outcome.
  • Learn the history behind sentencing guidelines and how those sentencing guidelines will influence you.
  • Learn about the presentence investigation report (PSR) and the influence it will have on the entire journey.
  • Learn from sample Supervised Release reports.
  • Learn how to write a compelling sentencing narrative.
  • See samples, including:
    • An effective letter from a white-collar offender that pleaded guilty to fraud.
    • A physician that proceeded through trial and wanted to maintain appellate rights.
    • A person that avoided prison, despite pleading guilty to possession of child pornography.
    • A person that pleaded guilty to a drug case that resulted in a lethal overdose.
    • Drug offenders that got probation and lower sentences, despite prosecutorial recommendations for longer sentences.
  • Writing tips to prepare your letter to the judge.
  • Guidance on how to communicate with your lawyer.

Videos accompany every lesson, where I provide commentary to help you learn from our sample letters.

Another Federal Judge Advises on Sentencing

Besides Judge Bennett, who gave us invaluable insight, we can also learn from Judge Bough, who speaks about the importance he places on a defendant’s preparation for sentencing. If you’re serious about wanting to work toward the best possible outcome, learn how best-practices for preparing.

About the Author

Michael Santos

I made bad decisions as a young man. They led me to prison with a 45-year sentence. With daily journals, I documented the journey. That methodical process led to a successful journey through prison and to building successful businesses upon my release. I created this journal to help other people prepare for success.

“Develop the will to prepare for success .

Invest in Yourself Before Sentencing 

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When I went to prison, in 1987, I didn’t know anything about what to expect. I started serving my sentence inside of a county jail. After a judge sentenced me to 45 years, authorities transferred me to a high-security penitentiary. As the years turned into decades, my security level dropped. I learned a great deal during the quarter-century I served in prison.

People that are going into the system can get a lot of benefits from the books and courses we create at Prison Professors. We want to change the mindset of people that must serve time. Rather than allowing the prison culture to influence adjustment patters, our books and courses offer a best-practice way to work toward something better.

We encourage our audience to work through the entire series of books and courses. Those who want to see how decisions in prison can influence success upon release may appreciate this book. Readers will learn how I made my first real estate acquisition while I was still in the halfway house. They will learn how I used leverage to acquire more assets along the way.

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