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In Prison! My 8,344th Day readers get an example to show how calculated, deliberate decisions while in prison can influence prospects for success. I wrote this book as a companion to Earning Freedom, providing readers with insight into a typical day during my 23rd year of imprisonment.

Prison Professors

Values-based, Goal-oriented Decisions Lead to Success


I came into the system and without an understanding of what to expect.


I saw the challenges and the pathway that I could take to begin preparing for success.


I put priorities in place to gradually conquer imprisonment to emerge successfully.

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Prison Professors Teaches How to Succeed

People going into the prison system will hear conflicting messages from an eclectic group of people. Some will urge people to work toward success. Many more people will advise that the best way to serve time is to forget about the world outside. To succeed, people should learn how to reject negative messages and follow the clues that lead to better outcomes.

From the start of my journey, I looked for lessons that would put me on a better pathway. By reading stories of other people that faced challenging times, I could make better decisions. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a person that spent a decade locked in Russian prisons inspired me. He wrote several books, including The Gulag Archipelago. When I read that story about prison life in Siberia, I got inspired to write Earning Freedom. Then, when I read his book titled One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, I got inspired to write Prison! My 8,344th Day. 

This book tells the story of a typical day during a non-typical prison adjustment. I was in my 23rd year of confinement. Although I didn’t know what year I would get out, I anticipated that I would be getting out within two to three years. I hoped to build a career teaching others some of the lessons I learned through that long journey. 

The video below offers more insight that I hope you’ll find helpful.

About the Author

Michael Santos

I made bad decisions as a young man. They led me to prison with a 45-year sentence. With daily journals, I documented the journey. That methodical process led to a successful journey through prison and to building successful businesses upon my release. I created this journal to help other people prepare for success.

“Develop the will to prepare for success .

Who Would Benefit from Reading Prison! My 8,344th Day? 

Anyone that is serving time, or that is about to serve time, will benefit from reading Prison! My 8,344th Day (and other books or courses by Prison Professors).

When I went to prison, in 1987, I didn’t know anything about what to expect. I started serving my sentence inside of a county jail. After a judge sentenced me to 45 years, authorities transferred me to a high-security penitentiary. As the years turned into decades, my security level dropped. I learned a great deal during the quarter-century I served in prison.

People that are going into the system can get a lot of benefits from the books and courses we create at Prison Professors. We want to change the mindset of people that must serve time. Rather than allowing the prison culture to influence adjustment patters, our books and courses offer a best-practice way to work toward something better.

We encourage our audience to work through the entire series of books and courses. Those who want to see how decisions in prison can influence success upon release may appreciate this book. Readers will learn how I made my first real estate acquisition while I was still in the halfway house. They will learn how I used leverage to acquire more assets along the way.


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