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I came into the system without an understanding of what to expect.


I saw the challenges and the pathway that I could take to begin preparing for success.


I put priorities in place to gradually conquer imprisonment to emerge successfully.

Interactive Mastermind Group: Personal Advocacy

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Interactive Mastermind Group: Learn How to Help Yourself

With our interactive mastermind group, we help people develop strategies to resolve their particular problems.

Let me tell you why we can help you.

If you’ve worked through our website at, you may have already read through our well-documented story. That story is relevant if you’re going through a challenge. You’ll see why our experience will a valuable resource to help you.

To recap, I’ll provide an abbreviated version under the subheading below. Click this button to get the full story:

Why You Can Trust Us to Help You:

I’m Michael Santos, a principal with Prison Professors. Bad decisions I made during the recklessness of youth exposed me to problems with the criminal justice system. Authorities arrested me when I was 23, in 1987. Upon my arrest, I only wanted to get out of prison. Since I didn’t know the options available, I continued to make bad decisions.

Despite my guilt, I went to trial. I perjured myself on the witness stand. A jury convicted me of every count. A judge sentenced me to serve a 45-year prison term. Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-Year Prison Term will tell the entire story.

During that awkward stage between my conviction and my sentencing day, I prayed and asked God for guidance. Those prayers led me to a philosophy book. And from philosophy, I learned how to architect a plan that would lead to a better adjustment.

Instead of thinking about the challenges I faced, I began to think about how I could resolve those problems. Such a strategy influenced decisions through prison. Teachings from philosophers empowered me to plan. Their guidance helped me climb through decades in prison successfully.

The bullet points of the journey:

  • Earned bachelor’s and master’s degree in prison,
  • Published seven books under my name while in prison,
  • Ghostwrote dozens of books while in prison and earned a substantial income,
  • Wrote content to launch businesses while in prison,
  • Earned more than $1 million while serving 26 years in prison,
  • Built a loving relationship, got married, and supported my wife while in prison,
  • Emerged from prison with resources and income opportunities,
  • Began teaching as an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University within two weeks of concluding 26 years in prison,
  • Launched a series of businesses upon my release from prison to build multiple streams of income.

Can you see how making good plans and architecting effective strategies can lead to a life of meaning and fulfilment, even if a prison term is ahead?

Through Prison Professors, we offer resources to help people going through challenging times. Some of those resources are free, including more than 800 videos we publish through our YouTube channel, and more than 300 podcasts available through our podcast.

Since time is not scalable, our consulting fees for one-on-one work are $400 per hour.

Our Interactive Mastermind Group:

Yet we know that many people facing government investigations, sentencing, or prison have questions. They may not be able to afford our personal consulting fees, yet they still need answers.

At a $45-per-month subscription fee, our Interactive Mastermind Group offers a low-cost solution, without a long-term commitment.

By subscribing to the Interactive Mastermind Group, members get access to a weekly, interactive Zoom call. They also get access to a private Facebook Group. This community gives members opportunities to ask questions, get responses, and to learn from the private-community discussions. It is a great, interactive resource, available to help our members. We offer suggestions they can use to overcome challenges, such as the following:

  • I need to learn more about my exposure to a government investigation,
  • I need to learn more about how I should prepare for sentencing,
  • I need to help a loved one transfer from one prison to another,
  • I need guidance on how to file pro-se motions to help my loved one in prison,
  • I need guidance on how to write a book from prison,
  • I need advice on how I can resume my career after prison,
  • I need advice on what to expect when my loved one transfers from prison to home confinement,
  • I need to learn how to get off of Supervised Release,
  • I need to know more about how to thrive in prison.
  • I need to learn how I can manage my business from prison.

If you have questions like those above or any others, our Interactive Mastermind Group is the subscription for you. Unlike our personal consulting packages that start at $400 per hour, we will not do the work for you. But we will show you the way to get the outcome you want.

What You Can Expect:

The Prison Professors Personal Advocacy course offers you the following resources:

  • Access to a weekly interactive Zoom call with our mitigation experts.
  • Access to our private Facebook Group, where you can interact with members of our community.
  • Opportunities to ask questions and get responses from our mitigation experts.
  • Free digital copies the following books:
    • Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-Year Prison Term
    • Prison! My 8,344th Day
    • Triumph! The Straight-A Guide
    • Success After Prison
    • Ten Steps to Success from Prison
  • Special bonus opportunities for group members

The cost to subscribe to this interactive, personal-advocacy group is $45 per month. You can cancel any time, but you’ll be able to keep the bonuses.

We hope you join our group. We will do our part to prove worthy of your trust.


Michael Santos

About the Author

Michael Santos

I made bad decisions as a young man. They led me to prison with a 45-year sentence. With daily journals, I documented the journey. That methodical process led to a successful journey through prison and to building successful businesses upon my release. I created this journal to help other people prepare for success.

“Develop the will to prepare for success .

Invest in Yourself Before Sentencing 

If you’re facing a criminal charge, you’re in a critical time of your life. The decisions you make every day will have an enormous influence on your future. For that reason, our team at Prison Professors offers considerable amounts of information to help.

I was 20 years old when I began making decisions that led me into trouble with the law. Authorities arrested me in 1987 when I was 23. Had I understood more about the challenges ahead, I may have made better, more informed decisions.

Instead, I went through the judicial proceedings blindly. I did not know what options were available to me, and the lawyer I hired did not help. I am responsible for the bad decisions I made. By not understanding the system, I exposed myself to severe sanctions.

After a jury convicted me of all counts, a judge sentenced to 45 years in prison. Had I made better decisions, my sentence would have been far less.

Don’t go into a criminal charge blindly. Start preparing for sentencing immediately with our Preparation for Sentencing Course.

The video below will show more about my journey through 26 years in prison, and some of what I learned.

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